Tuesday, 11 October 2011

Mr. Xu Shi Ying's Arts

After read from Applefish's blog, I went Time Square last Saturday to see the arts by Mr. Xu Shi Ying.

Okay, now, let's the pictures do the talking.

Wonderful art, isn't it?

Well, there is one thing that even make me say 'WOW'. Let's see this.

Don't know what's it, right?

Let's move closer.

Still couldn't see it clearly, right? That's why magnifiers were provided there.

Amazing isn't it? He can make such a tiny art. It's so wonderful.


  1. thanks for sharing those picture~ nice~

  2. I like it. until when for all this art exhibition seem I will be at kl at the end of october. I would like to go and have a look too.

  3. I am not sure until when it will be. But, that day, I seems like hearing from a boss saying that after the exhibition, they are going to open a shop to sell those artworks. I am not sure I listened correctly or not.

  4. @nggeline, I have tried to check out, the exhibition is until end of this month. But, I realized that I forgot something, that exhibition is in Penang's Time Square.

  5. Jace, ya, if you have chance, you should have a look too.