Sunday, 2 October 2011

Robe For My Convocation Ceremony

Finally, I am going to be a UUM graduate officially!

Tomorrow is going to be a big day for LuPorTi! It's going to be my convocation ceremony. I guess I need to sleep early tonight, 9 o'clock perhaps. I hope to depart as early as possible to avoid late reaching.

My beloved Lipei helped me to take my robe for my convocation ceremony last Monday. I took it from her last Thursday.

See, here is my robe.

And this, the 'square hat' that a lot of people are waiting to wear.

Let's try it on. Seriously, it took me quite a period of time to learn how to wear it. Thanks to Jace 'jie' teaching me.

I took some photos with my mum and grandma as well.

Tomorrow, tomorrow, tomorrow....

I am waiting tomorrow to graduate officially. I am going to capture a lot photos with my friends. And, I feel so happy when knowing that some of my juniors are going to see me and capture some photos as well. You all have made my university life a better ones.

To my friends who are graduating tomorrow, HAPPY CONVOCATION to you all!

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