Saturday, 23 March 2013

Earth Hour 2013

Check out the calendar, it's 23 March 2013 today! It's the EARTH HOUR!

Earth Hour was started in Sydney in the year of 2007. It was organised by the WWF (World Wide Fund for Nature) to ask people to switch off the light for one hour to reduce the consumption of energy.

After started in Sydney, it was then being participated by other countries in the world. From one city, this event was being extend to more than 7,000 cities across the 152 countries last year. 

2007: 1 city
2008: 35 countries
2009: 88 countries
2010: 126 countries
2011: 135 countries
2012: 152 countries

But, this year, it seems the event is not as popular as previous years. I don't really hear people talk about it. I wonder how many people will be supporting it this year. 

I remembered that, in last year, Earth Hour was one of the most popular topics in the weeks.

Why there is so little people talking about it this year? Is is because the year 2012 has pass? The story of the world is going to end in year 2012 has been proven wrong? 

As human, we should always love our Earth. We should not start protecting our Earth just because it is coming to the end of the world. We should protect our Earth everyday. To protect our environment, doesn't means that we have to go participate to every single eco-friendly activities like picking up rubbish along the beach. We can started by the simple actions, such as don't simple throw rubbish and don't burn anything publicly.

If we save our environment, we can save the world!


  1. Save the environment, save our earth!!! =]

  2. It's today! Ok, will make an effort! Thks & enjoy your weekend!

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