Thursday, 30 April 2009

Goodbye, Semester 4

Yesterday was my last paper for my final examination of semester 4. Goodbye to semester 4!

After my examination, my friend, Khai Yuan, suddenly phoned me and asked me where was I, he was going to fetch me back! Wow! That’s really great! I was planning to back Penang today, but now, I am already in Penang, how happy am I!

I planned a lot of things to do in this holiday, and I hope that I am really able to do it all! I hope that I can make myself to be more discipline, and don’t be lazy! LuPorTi, it’s the time to give your best and prove yourself!

Wednesday, 15 April 2009

Finally I Am Here....

It was a long time I never update my blog here.
I was really busy and not things finally slowing down.

I joined an organization named SIFE, Student In Free Enterprise.
I was busy with it.
Last night, there was a promotion dinner actually.
But, I was in Penang and i absent.

This morning, after I woke up, I switched on my handphone as usual,
I received my message from my roommate.
He informed me that i was promoted as Manager of Finance and Administrative Department of SIFE.
He is promoted as the Vice President.
What i am wondering now is, who is my assistant manager.

Ok, for this moment, enough for SIFE.
Actually, I plan to observe stock market today.
Unfortunately, the 'greatest' internet service is having problem.
Why the internet is so good?!
I couldn't online since yesterday noon til evening just now!
Really angry with it!