Saturday, 29 October 2011

Lunch With Colleagues: Chicken Rice At Gat Lebuh Cecil

Haha, I have been in Honglim & Associates for 2 weeks. Overall, working there isn't bad. My boss and colleagues are friendly. They all are willing to teach my a lot of things.

Nowadays, I am used to having lunch with my colleagues. On Thursday that day, we went to Gat Lebuh Cecil to have our lunch.

Overall, it's just standard. It tastes okay and its price is standard.

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  1. Hehe. If possible, I will try to post chicken rice of 2 more places, which I think are nicer chicken rice in Penang.

  2. I love chicken rice! Always have.

  3. everywhere got chicken rice, but to find a delicious one, it's hardddd

  4. Yalo. To get a nice chicken rice, it's kinda hard, Today I had chicken rice as my lunch again, at Padang Serai, it's just normal as well. I guess I am going to blog about a nice chicken rice within these 2 weeks. Hehe. I hope I manage to make it.