Saturday, 22 October 2011

Bloggers Gathering At Z Classroom, Penang's Time Square

It is a late post again. I went for a bloggers gathering last Sunday (15 October 2011). That gathering was at Z Classroom, Penang's Time Square. It's just at the ground floor, near to Maybank there.

Z Classroom has just opened last month. So, I felt good to have the gathering there.

The concept of Z Classroom is 'classroom' as we can see from the name. Well, the shop is designed based on classroom. It gives us a scene to bring us back to our childhood, which is a happy moment for a lot of people.

Remember this thing? Blackboard.

There is also a cupboard where we can put our thing inside.

See this, notice board which we stick the works of the students. Remember?

Haha. See this, quite interesting.

And also, did you draw your table with correction pen (or more commonly, we called it liquid paper). Now, you have the chance to do it again!

Besides, you can go upstairs as well. And also, there is a VIP room upstairs.

So, it's quite a nice place for gathering right? About 15 bloggers attended that gathering, and we was talking, playing and enjoying the moment very much.

And we had cakes and some coffee for our tea time and some of them drank beer. Anyway, the cake tastes quite nice.

Time flied. Very fast, the gathering came to the end, we took a group photo before we left. Sadly, not all bloggers attended that day are in the photos, some left earlier and didn't appear in the photos.

Looking forward for the next bloggers gathering.


  1. Wowww what a nice gathering you were having there !! ^^

  2. Haha. Ya. It's really a nice ones.

  3. so syok! i want to go also! =(

  4. Haha. Wait you to come back Penang. Hehe.

  5. It's great and fun to have bloggers gathering but until now I never join. Too shy too join xP

  6. Hehe. Try it next time la. A lot of bloggers are friendly one, so should be no problem one.

  7. Wah!Nice to have a bloggers gathering,
    'z' class must be the last class of all,
    no wonder score zero.

  8. i din know penang got blogger gathering =X

  9. Great and nice to have a bloggers' gathering, hehe. And I like the decoration of Z classroom. It remind me a lot of things, the sweet moment. Miss ^^

  10. Camy, want to join next time?
    @nGeline, yaya, yalo, I quite like it too.

  11. Wow~ THis is nice! :)
    A really school theme cafe they have! :)

    p/s: thanks for dropping by my blog. :)


  12. Haha. Yalo. I like the feeling.

  13. But u don't drink with us!! :p

  14. Haha. I will get drunk ones. Haha.

  15. Haha. You stop blogging that time mer. Haha.