Sunday, 2 October 2011

Some Investment Blogs Which I Am Following

The OSKIC trial game has over and the real OSKIC 2011 competition is coming. It's going to start on 4th October and end on 28 October.

OSKIC sets an additional restriction for OSKIC. Now, the players cannot buy stock which its share price is below RM1. It makes the competition even tougher. Players have to do more homework already.

Reading investment blogs is one of my ways to get more information on investment. I follow quite a number of blogs.

Here are some of my favourite investment blogs:
- Malaysia-Finance Blogspot
- Where is Ze Moola
- Nexttrade
- 黑@證劵
- Malaysia REITS
- 回到原点
- 2nd brother
- Bonescythe Stock Watch
- Corporate Governance in Malaysia
- CWYeoh KLCI Stock Analysis
- 老老实实投资

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