Sunday, 9 October 2011

How To Define A Household

Malaysia's Budget for year 2012 has been unveiled 2 days ago. One of the announcements that attracts a lot of people is the RM500 given to household which has monthly income of not more than RM3,000.

Some of my friends asked me on whether are they eligible to apply for that RM500. Well, I couldn't very sure yet as there is no detailed announcement yet.

But basically, household is determined like this:

1. A married person but still staying with parents
- all the people staying together inclusive him/her and his/her parents considered as one household

2. A married person, formed a new family and doesn't stay together with parents
- his/her new family will be considered as one household, his/her parents will not be included

3. Single, both parents passed away, no sibling
- he/she will be considered as one household

4. Single, but not staying with parents (in which parents are still alive)
- he/her will still be considered as one household with his/her parents although they aren't staying together

5. Divorced, staying with children
- he/she and his/her children will be considered as one household

Anyway, I am still waiting for the further announcements and explains regarding the RM500 and how is it going to be implemented.

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  1. yep yep, me too.
    waiting for the further announcement on how it implement.