Tuesday, 25 January 2011

Driving Myself For The First Time

I had my driving license years ago,
even I couldn't remember how many years already.
I didn't drive after I got my license.
And I couldn't really drive anymore.

In between, I did try to learn for several times,
but I didn't really serious in learning.
Until recently, I told myself that I need to learn driving.
These few weeks,
thanks to my great friend, KY,
he become my guide in driving.

Today, finally, for the first time,
I drove myself without any people guiding me.
Initially, I felt nervous.
That was the moment where the traffic was heavy.
I wasn't thinking whether should I drove.

After I reached my home from my workplace,
I decided to drive to Farlim to return my god-sister's book.
I succeed my try.
I reached my home safely after about 45 minutes.
Should I give myself an applause?

Actually, something bad happened when I was at around Sunshine Farlim.
I almost knocked a motorcyclist.
Luckily he responded very fast and stopped his motor.
He didn't scold or 'horn' me.
I put my hand up to show my apology.


I moved one step further.
I am going to be a real driver soon!


  1. told u not to blur always later go longkang o...........
    remember next time drive to KL n find me!