Thursday, 6 January 2011

Practicum Day 13

It's 13rd day!

Is today nice?

Not bad.

I went for stock take today.
It is a wine and alcohol company.
The stock take was quite smooth.
I completed it at about 1 hour.

In my office,
I was told that I could get allowance from the company.
But when I was there,
the people in charge told me that they had informed our boss,
that they don't pay allowance for that.
after back to my office,
my seniors asked me to put the letter in file.
They will attach with bill and ask them to pay.

I am waiting for tomorrow.
After tomorrow, I am going to have 2 days break again.
There are stock take again tomorrow.
But, I am not sure will I be assigned to conduct the stock take again.

Tomorrow is the final day of practicum this week.
I hope tomorrow is going to be as nice as today.