Saturday, 22 January 2011

A Day With My Ex-Neighbour

Initially, I was planning to do some stuffs.
But as these few weekends, I didn't have mood to do anything.
Suddenly, My ex-neighbour popped up in my mind.
I sent an SMS to him and invited him for a lunch.

After lunch, I planned to drive car to his house.
Unfortunately, number plate of my dad's car was missing.
I didn't know why will it lost.
So I couldn't drive.

My ex-neighbour fetched me to his home.
We were talking about various types of things.
I was there for about 6 or 7 hours.

Although we did nothing special, I enjoyed it.
It has been a long time we never talked for so long.
I felt a little bit missing the past, when they were my ex-neighbour.
We had our childhood together.
It left me a great memories.

We did a lot of things.
We played together.
I still remembered.
We used to use newspaper to make balls and playing at the corridor.

Now, all neighbours that I was playing in the past, have moved to other place.
I couldn't go their house anymore when I feel boring.

Never mind, let's just wait for another 5 months.
I will back to sport.
Perhaps, I will start to jog again.
And probably I will be jogging with them.

Let's our neighbourhood life revived!

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