Monday, 24 January 2011

Practicum Day 24

Another week started.
My practicum entered the sixth week.
The sixth week,
some say that it's sixth week ALREADY.
but some say that it's sixth week ONLY.

Well, I am one of the people saying 'ONLY'.

As usual, I dreamed about my practicum again last night.
It seems like happening every night.
I couldn't have a nice sleep.
I live in fear, sleep in fear and wake in fear.
You may say that I am not strong enough.
I admit it.

Today wasn't a good day.
It was a very stressful day.
A lot of troubles were encountering me.

One question comes into my mind,

'LuPorTi, how come you can stay positive always in your investment? Why can't you bring that mind in your practicum?'

Can I?

Let me throw back a question.

'Can you love all others girl as you love your girl friend?'

The answer will be DEFINITELY NO, right?
Same story to my practicum.

What I feel luckiest currently is that,
I have some friends who are supporting me all the time.
They try to cheer me up.
They try very hard.

But sometimes, I feel disappointed of myself too.
They have been trying so hard to cheer me up,
but I fail to cheer myself up.

Sorry, my friends.

I feel really sorry.


  1. Havent been visiting you for awhile. Hope you cheer up very soon and have a better days ahead. Jiayou!