Tuesday, 18 January 2011

Practicum Day 21

As Mr. Sean said yesterday,
I was going for outside audit today.
It was my first time.

We departed at 10 o'clock.
This time, I am auditing on a car company.
At the beginning, I felt quite blur.
Actually, up till today,
I still don't feel that I am in form.
I made a lot of stupid mistake.
And I always fail to react fast.

Mr. Sean had 2 other companies to conduct stock take.
So, he wasn't with me for sometimes today.

He fetched me to Tesco for lunch today.
He paid for me, save my pocket.

We left the client's office at 5.30 p.m.,
so I back home a little bit late today.

I was told my Mr. Sean that there were be more outside audit coming up on Wednesday.
Is that good?
Perhaps, because I will have more chance not to stay in office.

I know also that he is going back to Australia after Chinese New Year.
Then, I will be supervised by my boss directly again.
The time is going to be very tough again.

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