Tuesday, 25 January 2011

Practicum Day 25

When I online in home just now,
the first thing my colleague asked me in Facebook,
is whether was I nervous today.

Guess why he asked me so.

Today, almost all of us were feeling nervous.
Our boss gave us lecture again.
He scolded us again.
He scolded stupid on us again and again.
He scolded us as copy cat as well.
Just like one of the top issue in the past,
someone scolded the Chinese educated people as 'copy cat'.

He made all of us into stress.
I am getting stressful in my practicum.

Not only that, the problems continue to appear.
There was one company that I suppose to submit to tax agent today,
but there was a problem I couldn't solve yet.

I am totally in tension now!
25th day of practicum, 101 days to go.

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