Friday, 21 January 2011

Practicum Day 23

Finally, one more week passed.
It's 21 weeks more today.

I was worrying today's work since yesterday.
As usual, I wasn't in mood this morning.
I went to office with a down mood as well as fear and worries.

This morning, it was a stress session.
Mr. Sean asked me further on two companies that I have submitted to him.
I thought those were settled, but it seemed not yet.
I made a lot of call to clients today.
If not mistaken,
I made 6 calls in the morning session and 3 calls in the noon session.
So, it was 9 phone calls in total.

One challenging stuff in auditing job is that,
we will encounter different types of problems every day.
All problems incur everyday seem to be new.
Some problems are really making me feel stressful.

Before leaving office today,
I was asking Mr. Lee on one problem.
He was analyzing and explaining to me.

After I left office,
I realize another reason why I love investment so much.
I actually love analyzing, investigating and researching jobs.
I love to seek the meaning behind every fact.

Since I love analyzing and investigating,
audit should be a job I love too?

Not at all!

I don't like auditing.
It's very complicated of why I don't like it.
Not everything can be explain in words.
After my practicum,
I believe it's the end of my auditing life.
I don't think I will step into audit industry again.

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