Monday, 10 January 2011

Practicum Day 15

It's 4th week of my practicum life.
I went for a discussion of a gathering last night.
In the middle of the discussion, I suddenly feel moody.


A very simple reason,
I started thinking that I need to go back to work today.

I need to work for 23 weeks more.

23 weeks, I feel that it's quite a long time.
Many people tell me that 6 months will be passed rapidly.
Perhaps it is, but what I know is that, the level of suffer is high.

My boss scolded my colleague again today.
Although I wasn't get scolded, it also made me feel as if I was the one get scolded.
It's quite scary.

I phone to the company secretary of my client.
I need to conduct statutory audit.
I made an appointment with them,
I am going to there at 3 p.m. this Wednesday.

My friend, Chin Wei, is assigned to go K.L. to conduct audit this week.
I wish her all the best here!


  1. think of the weeks u have completed and try to like the job lor! coz u have no choice but to complete it ; )

  2. I also hope I could think in that way.