Saturday, 15 January 2011

Practicum Day 19

I didn't update my blog last night.
I took my time for rest.

I slept at around 12 o'clock last night.
Just now, I woke up at 6 o'clock with energy.


Can you see the difference between my working days and holidays?
During my working days, I feel so lazy to get up.
But during my holidays, I could get up early.
You can see how hate am I towards my work.

I passed 3 companies file to my boss's son to check.
Oh no!
There were quite a numbers of error.
Luckily my boss's son was there.
If I pass to my boss,
I can't imagine what will happen.
I could be scolded terribly.
It was really fortunate.
But I am not sure how long his son will be in office until.
I hope his son will stay longer.

The existence of his son in the office has lessen my fear a little bit,
but it's just a little bit.
I am still full with fear and hatred towards my job.

4 weeks have been passed.
But there are still 22 weeks!

22 weeks!

A long time to go!

I really almost couldn't stand of it anymore.
Not only the fear towards get scolded,
but also many other things,
such as, fear towards collapse of my investment.
It's too complicated for me to explain in my blog regarding this.

What I can say,
it's high level of fear and hatred inside my heart now.

Practicum, is one of the things that's most wasting time that I have ever done in my life after I started fighting for my future.
Many people will say that I can learn a lot during my practicum.
Ya, undeniable, I learned quite something.
But the thing I learned from there,
don't really very useful in my investment future.
Secondly, I believe that I could learn even more if there is no practicum.
High opportunity cost incurred there.

I lost too much in my practicum life!