Sunday, 30 January 2011

Practicum Day 28

Too bad, I took long time to updated my 28th day of my practicum.
I planned to updated it yesterday.
Unfortunately, I wasn't free.
I went to Butterworth in the morning.
After back from there, I had some chat with KY.
There after, we went for our primary schoolmates gathering until late night.

Okay, let's talk about my 28th practicum life.

When I reached my office,
I tried to look into my boss's table,
I saw the company that I audited on the table.
I actually worried that my boss will found out problems and question on me.

When my boss stepped in, my heartbeat increased.
I wondered when will he check on my file.
There were 3 others companies files.
When I look into my boss's table,
I had tried to recognized the file of the company I audited,
as well as the position where the file placed.

In a short time, my boss had checked 3 files.
I felt a little bit happy because he checked it quickly.
I felt that I might be fortunate because he didn't check in very detail.
But unfortunately, none of the 3 was mine.
Even until the end of day, he didn't check mine.
He was free during noon, but yet he didn't want to check.

I thought I was lucky,
because my file was submitted to him at the day when he checked it quickly.
Unfortunately, I wasn't that lucky.

I actually hope he checked it earlier,
so that I can reduce another worry.

Because of my file is still pending, my worry remains in my mind.
It makes me couldn't really enjoy my weekend.
During my gathering yesterday, that worry remained in my mind.
It made me fail to fully enjoy the gathering.

Weekend is fast, it's Monday again tomorrow.
I need to back to office again.
As usual, the level of worry and fear are increasing again.


  1. Wow, you are doing auditing??

  2. Ya. I am doing audit. But I don't think I will continue in audit after my internship.

  3. it has been some time I didn't visit your!! and you are in your 28 day of practicum d! I really missed a lot here!!

    Anyway, good luck and all the best in your practicum. Take it as a learning experience, I am sure you will learn a lot in the period. Just, try to enjoy it! you will be happier that way. Cheers~

  4. Thank you! I will try to cheer myself up.