Thursday, 13 January 2011

Practicum Day 18

There are a lot of things to talk about today.

This morning,
my mum took out a new belt for me.
But the end,
I used the old ones.

What for using the new ones?
The new ones should be representing a new beginning, a new good start.
I hate my current work so much,
I don't think I want to use any other new things.

My boss's son went to work today.
I previously thought it would be good.
But actually, his coming didn't be as good as I expected.
I felt uncomfortable as usual.

after 4 o'clock, he approached me and talked to me.
He tried to push me in work.
Then I passed up 2 companies files to taxation.
I need to pass another company to him tomorrow and another ones on next Tuesday.
He is much friendly.
Although I was pushed in work by him,
I rather have him as boss.

I received fax from my clients today.
But the fax machine wasn't working well.
It took me a long time to get all the faxes.
However, some of the faxes weren't clear.

When it was almost time to go,
my boss's daughter completed the taxation part and passed the files back to me.
She asked me to do some adjustment.
One of things I need to do is to insert more working paper.
That day, my colleague was scolded because she inserted extra working paper.
Now, I was asked to do so.
The boss daughter asked me to do while our boss asked us to do what he wanted to only.


I am in a junction.
I was sandwiched by them.
That's what I hate so much.

I really have no motivation to go office.

It's only 18 days passed.
There are around 22 weeks to go.
22 weeks aren't short actually.
I wonder how long can I stand.

After my work today,
I went for some drink with my good friend.
We went to mid hill thereafter.
I expressed my feeling to him.
I told him I scared my hope will dies.
If it dies, I will be entering into meaningless life.

I hope time can pass faster,
so that my practicum life ends before my hope dies.

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