Wednesday, 19 January 2011

Practicum Day 22

I went for outside audit again today.

Before I departed from my office,
I prepared things on another company to pass it to my colleague.
The company people was planning to come today.
Since I was outside, I passed it over to my colleague to ask him to help me out.
But the end, they didn't show up.

Mr. Sean and I continued job that we haven't completed yesterday.
Today was a little bit relax then yesterday.

During lunch time,
Sean and I went to the food court nearby to have our lunch.
The waitress was so aggressive.
Once we stepped in, she asked us whether had we found any seat.
Followed by that, she was asking us what to drink and eat.
She was willing to help us order the food.
Normally, the waiters will care about drink only.
But she is different, she asked whether what to eat and she would order for us.
While we were eating, we kept our eye on her.
She is really very hardworking and aggressive.
Once we finished our food, she helped to take the plate away.
I have to say, she is efficient.

We continued our job after lunch.
While we reached the client's office after lunch,
it's around a quarter to two.
Sean asked me to take rest until two.
We had some chat.
It was quite a good chat too.

After we done our part, we asked the bookkeeper to come over the office.
We had some queries for him.
At the same time, I handed over the allowance letter to the client.
She gave us allowance with cash.
Sean and I divide our portion.
That's the good part of outside audit,
we would have extra allowance.

Now, I guess you guys will be asking,
'how much is the allowance?'

Let's keep it secret.
Or, try to ask me personally.

We went back office at 5 o'clock today.
2 days of outside audit on that company finally came to the end.
Sean told me that there will be more outside audit coming up on March.
Well, I prefer to have outside audit.
I hope to go out more.
It's not because of the allowance,
I seriously don't like to stay in office.
The feeling is bad.

Anyway, tomorrow is holiday!
I have one day break!