Wednesday, 26 January 2011

Practicum Day 26

Today is another rush day.
It was close to due date for few companies,
so there were few people kept rushing for that.

I was rushing for three companies today.

First company,
it was almost complete.
The account was done today.
What I rushed for it today,
was about making phone.
I made quite a number of phone call.
I phoned the bookkeeper to talk about the account, informing her about the readiness of the account, as well as getting her approval on all the adjustment.
I phoned the director to ask him coming over to sign the account.
I phoned also the company secretarial to talk about statutory stuffs.

For the second company,
it wasn't as much as the first ones.
I made call to the bookkeeper and the person in charge for the company.
I sent them a tax on the adjustment to let them have a look.

The third company,
it was a lot of things to be do.
I finished finalizing the account today.
I sent it for taxation and did the adjustment after tax computation.
I phoned to the company to request some documents to settle the final problem that hadn't been solved.

After tiring for three company,
the games hasn't finished yet.
Here come the forth company,
but that wasn't in rush.
A big company which started to be audited by my colleague yesterday.
Three people, including me, will be doing the field work.
And, I was assigned in finalization of this company.

That's the biggest company that I ever handled so far.
Can I handle it nicely? I hope I can.

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