Sunday, 9 January 2011

Gathering With Primary School Friends At Beach Blancket Babylon

I attended a gathering yesterday.
The gathering was held in Beach Blancket Babylon.
It is located near to Penang Bowl.
We started at 7 o'clock.

Let's the party begins!

One special guest was invited!!

Who is that??

It's Madam Ooi!

She was our teacher during Standard 1 until Standard 3!
It's so good to have her in yesterday gathering.
I hope she enjoy yesterday gathering too.
I feel so thankful that she attend yesterday's event.
We stood up, gave her a bow and said 'Thank you' to her.
I appreciate all things that she has done for us during our primary school.

Let's Yum Seng!

It's so great to meet back our friends and our teacher.
We have a really great chatting session!

Now, let's see the foods and drinks.

It's the food and drinks nice?

It's quite nice, but the price is a little bit high since the environment is quite well.
It's beside the sea.
The wind was brewing quite strong last night.

So, these are all the people who attended last night.
The gathering ended at 12 o'clock.


We had our second round!
We went to a mamak stall at Ayer Itam to have some drinks.
However, not everyone going because it was already late.

After having some foods in the mamak stall,
our gathering came to the end.

I feel so happy to see my friends again.
Thanks to all friends who have attended.
Thanks to Madam Ooi for attending.
Never forget, thanks to our main organizer, Chris Quah.

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