Sunday, 2 January 2011

Holiday During My Practicum Life

I have 3 holidays, today is the final day.
Time seems like so fast!

How come during my working hours,
the time moves so slow.
Calculate it, it's only 2 weeks passed,
there are 24 weeks to go.
Another way of saying, 92.3% remaining.
It's so long to go.

I went out to meet Zhi Bin yesterday.
I met him at 1.30p.m.,
I thought I would meet him for only 4 hours the most.
But, time flies like light.
We back at 7.30p.m. and I wished to stay longer actually.
What to do, time flies.

So fast, it's the final day.
I am still thinking whether want to go out today or not.
I wish to go out.
But, I am scare.
What am I scare.
I am scare the time to fly.
If I go out, definitely time flies,
and I will perhaps come back at night.
And then, take a sleep, and I need to go for my work again tomorrow.
Just like what I mentioned previously,
I scared of sleep,
because I know I need to work again after I wake up.

24 weeks remaining.
I am waiting for that!
People celebrating New Year yesterday.
I don't celebrate it.
I am waiting to celebrate my freedom after my practicum life!


  1. New year visit.
    happy 2011 from Turkey

  2. lol. wah. den u shud start counting down how many days to go. =p