Sunday, 16 January 2011

Reading My Blog Posts In The Past

I read some of my posts of my blog which I posted in the past.

It makes me recalling my memories and thinking about it.

When I was reading some of the posts,
my tear kept telling me, 'I want to drop out.'

My current live is so different from the past.
Suddenly, something came into my mind.
A question that my friend, KY, asked himself few days ago.
We have been experiencing, learning and changing since the past until now,
but have we improved or the other way round?

This question is too subjective to be answer.
But I would like to say,
my past is more colorful than my current life.
Everything left me a great memory.

Thanks for my blog.
It kept my memories.
It recorded my feeling.

It reminds me that I missed my brother when he went for national services.
It reminds me about my life in UUM.
It reminds me how I went through my challenges.
It reminds me about my friends.
It reminds me of what have I lost.

Actually, I am feeling sorry to a lot of people.
There are people that have helped me a lot, but I disappointed them once and once again.

Perhaps, my current life disappointed them again.
You all may be disappointing of my pessimism.


I hope you all will give me 22 weeks more.
I promise you all, I will be different after my practicum life.
I will make you say,
'LuPorTi is finally back! That's the LuPorTi we want to see!'

I will make you all say that after my practicum life!


  1. im here for a visit :D yea, new cny clothes. haha! do you shop for cny already? :P have a nice day! :D

  2. it doesn't matter for the past and current life, but the important is you treat yourself, your family and your friends nicely is the best :)

  3. Doris, yea, I have bought my clothes.
    Applefish, hmm, you are right too.