Wednesday, 5 January 2011

Practicum Day 12

Today is the 12nd day of my practicum life.
10% of my practicum working days passed,
90% to go.

My practicum life seems to be better this week.
I got a little bit on track already.
But there are still a lot obstacle behind.

Another thing is that,
I haven't submitted my work to my boss.
Thus, I couldn't sure I am doing the thing right or not.
So, I have to wait I finished finalizing everything,
and submit to boss.

My boss asked me to conduct stock take tomorrow.
I don't have transportation,
but my boss insists to have me to go for the stock taking.
So, either his wife or daughter will be taking me there.

I am going to conduct the stock take alone.
Can I handle it?
I am not sure.
Although this is my second time,
the previous stock take is a little bit different from this one.

Good news for this stock take is,
I perhaps will get allowance.
Yeah! Extra pocket money.

Whether I will have extra allowance,
what I wish the most is that,
I could successfully conduct the stock take in the right way.

Ladies and gentlemen,
please wish me all the best!