Friday, 7 January 2011

Practicum Day 14

I finished the 3rd week of practicum,
there are 23 weeks more to go.

I was waiting for this moment very much since I woke up.
I couldn't wait to have a rest.
I felt tired this week.
Finally, I can sleep until I feel satisfied tomorrow.

Comparing these 3 weeks,
this week is the best week I think.

Today, the morning session,
I have no mood to work.
I was waiting the time to come.
I couldn't wait to leave my office.

Today, I phoned my client.
When I made my phone call,
she was busy, and she would call me back after that.
She seems like not as friendly as the bookkeeper of the first company I audit.

Guess what I did during my lunch?

I walked to First Avenue.
I took about 25 minutes to reach there.
I was in First Avenue just for about 5 minutes,
then I had to walk back to my office.
Seems silly, right?

The bookkeeper phoned back in the afternoon.
Well, she wasn't that unfriendly as morning.
She wasn't bad too.

The time had finally reached!
I left my office quickly and started to enjoy my 63 hours and 15 minutes break!

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