Saturday, 1 January 2011

The Birth of Year 2011

Year 2010 is finally over,
it's year 2011 now!

Remember ya, when you write date later,
please write 2011, it's no longer 2010.
I remember that when I was studying in school.
I used to forget and wrote the old date.

it's another new year.
Have you drafted a new plan for 2011?
Or any resolution for the year of 2011?

The beginning of every year,
I used to tell my friends what I am going to do at the entire year.
So, how about it this year?

Well, this year, what I would like to say is,
I have no plan and resolution.


LuPorTi has no plan and resolution this year?

I like to say a nice sentenced quoted from Napoleon,
'If you fail to plan, you plan to fail'.

How can I don't have any plan?
I plan to fail this year?

Honestly, I do think that this year will be a nice year for stock market.
Since I look good on the market, why don't I do some planning and make this year a nice year?

Well, all is because of one thing,
my practicum life.
It affects me a lot!
Because of my practicum,
I fail to plan.
I don't know how will my life become during my practicum life.

For my investment,
during the trading hour for the stock market,
it is my office hour too.
I don't have chance to monitor the market,
thus, I fail to plan my entry point.

I seriously hate my practicum life.
There are a lot of people asking me to face it, and accept it.
I know, but it's a little bit too hard for me to do it.
Speaking is always easy,
but when come to acting, it's far harder.

I woke up at 5 something this morning.
Then, suddenly I thought of my work.
It made me feel so worry and scare.
It's not a little scare, but extremely scare.

Thinking back, 2 weeks have passed.

2 weeks?

Just 2 weeks?

It's 24 weeks more to go!
I don't know what will happen next.
I am totally in fear.

I need to wait another 24 weeks.
After my practicum life is over,
then I will start planning and thinking of my new resolution for the year 2011.
Aren't planning and setting new resolution in July too late?
But my new life starts on July 2011.

Happy New Year!
All the best!