Tuesday, 4 January 2011

Practicum Day 11

There is one thing, I am not sure I should feel happy or the opposite.
My boss seems like having some expectation from me.

In audit,
we need to conduct field work and finalizing before passing to our boss for review.

my colleague got scolded because she was finalizing the account,
which my boss said that could only be done by senior people.

Actually, after she got scolded,
I was worrying.
That day, my colleague told me that my boss asked me to do the finalization.
Not only that, I needed to finalize for another colleague.
I worry I will get scolded.

my boss called me into his room.
He asked me to finalize the accounts.
I confirmed with him also that I need to finalize for another colleague.
So, that's true.

Not only that!
Today, after the new comer finished his job.
My boss asked him to hand over me and asked me to check for him.
Then, I will do the finalization for that company.

That day, my colleague said that my boss look good on me.
Is that good?

I worried that,
the more things I have to do,
the more mistakes I am going to make.

And also,
the higher my boss expectation on me,
the easier I will disappoint him.
Then, disappointment will lead to one outcome,
which is, GET SCOLDED.

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