Monday, 3 January 2011

Practicum Day 10

After 3 days resting, I went back to my work again.

Will it be nice?
If you read my blog always,
or look at my Facebook status,
I guess you will know the answer.

Again, it was another bad day.
Another day I lived in fear.

My boss scolded again.
Luckily I wasn't the victim.
But that environment, no matter you are the one get scolded or others,
you will feel that You get scolded.

Today, my boss scolded something really bad.
He scolded 'f**k her'.
Get what I mean?
And, who is the 'her'?
The her is refer to his daughter.

How can he scolded his daughter like that?

Can you imagine?
Even that's his daughter, he used that word to scold.
Can you imagine how he scolded us?
Do you understand why I say again and again that I am in fear?

There are still more than 100 days,
I really wonder how will I become after my practicum ends.

I met my friends after my work just now.
My friends asked me whether did I regret of entering UUM?
Seriously, I regretted a lot!
Luckily, I met some people in UUM which make my life more meaningful.
Or else, I would say, I have 100% on entering UUM.

There were 3 new people join the firm today.
They are people who have just finished STPM.
They work there while waiting for the university intake.

Should I wish them luck?
Good luck to you three!

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