Sunday, 9 January 2011

Result For Semester 7

The result for semester 7 has finally been released!

I was worrying that I could fail some papers.
Out of 6 papers that I took in semester 7,
I have confidence on one paper only.
JUST ONE PAPER, I am not joking.
That's why I was worrying.
I scare that I need to extend another semester.

When I clicked to see my result,
I felt scare for a while.

When the result appeared in front of me,
the first thing I was looking for is the word 'F'.
Luckily I found no F in my result.

Here is my result:

Strategic Management : A
Company Secretarial Practice : A-
International Business: B+
Analysis and Use of Financial Statements: B
Issues in Management Accounting: B
Basic Entrepreneurship: B

For my friends, perhaps they will feel sad of such result,
But I feel good on it.
It's far better than I expected.
I worried I would get failed.
I never expect my worst paper got only B.
I feel satisfied of it already.

Now, the remaining thing to be done is to finish my practicum.
It's 23 weeks to go.
Then I officially finish my 4 years of getting a degree in accounting.

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