Monday, 5 December 2011

Feeling From Monday To Sunday

I saw a nice post from Fang. A post saying about her feeling from Monday to Sunday. I like it so much, because I have quite a same feeling too, so I forward her post here.

"Monday - Ahhh why is always so fast to reach on Monday?! ='{
Tuesday - Sobss Friday, why are you so slow to reach on me, why??! ==|||
Wednesday - Counting down the days ~~ =="
Thursday - Meeting ~ Can't wait to go home ~ Tomorrow is Friday !!! ='}
Friday - TGIF !!!!! Waiting to finish work and go home ~ =D
Saturday - Sleep until self-wake up, without alarm clock to wake me up ~
Sunday - What??! So fast need to back to work tomorrow??! Grrrr ~ ='S"

- Quoted from
Tomorrow is Tuesday, I think I am going to say, "Sobss Friday, why are you so slow to reach on me, why??!".

How about you? Do you have the same feeling too?


  1. yeah.. same feel but i on study and you working only.. >.<

  2. omost the same feeling.
    yet i feel extra, which is the
    first week of the month...what, is beg of the month again...???
    second week...why the end of the month so slow and so far from me?
    third week, one more week to go for final week...tik tok tik tok tik tok.,,,,
    forth week...yes, the week for salary!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. Sobs ~ LuPorTi, many thanks to you eh, you made me felt touched here in this early morning. T_______T

    Today is Tuesday... Let's shout !!

    "Sobss Friday, why are you so slow to reach on me, why??! ==|||"

  4. exactly what i'm thinking lo.

  5. Lolly, hehe, nice to hear that I made your morning nicer. Hehe. Anyway, tomorrow is Thursday, "Can't wait to go home ~ Tomorrow is Friday !!! ='}"

    Camy, yea lo, when I read that from Fang's blog, I directly log in my blogger to post this.

    Angeline, yeah, seems like all of us are the same.

  6. Jace jie, haha, I wanna like your comment.

  7. Mr. Lonely, Haha. Yalo yalo. Hehe.

  8. For an old aunty like me, each day I am still around will be a good day for me! When young like you, I can appreciate you have different feelings on different day. LOL! Have a beautiful Sunday and get well charged for another fresh week!

  9. Haha. Different feeling on different day, the weekends are the greatest. Hehe, anyway, I really have a great Saturday yesterday.