Sunday, 18 December 2011

2 Months Working In Current Firm I Joined

Time's fast!

Haha, starting up this post with word that I have been saying frequently recently, "time's fast". Those who are following my Facebook book's posts knows, I have been saying "time's fast" nearly everyday. Right?

Don't you think time's really fast?

It has been 2 months since I joined Honglim & Associates.

Well, I was given 2 months of probation period. Probation period is a period for employers to monitor our performance in order to confirm they really want us or not. Well, anyway, it's also a period for me to evaluate myself.

Honestly, it is already 2 months. My current performance isn't satisfying me yet. I disappoint on my performance. There are still a lot of things I couldn't do it nicely. And, the worst, I made mistakes. Some of the mistakes were due to my carelessness.

On 16th November, I posted 'I wonder how long will I be in the field of audit. 1 year? 3 years? 5 years? 10 years?' in my Facebook.

So, how long will I be in audit ya? I don't know.

Recently, I started a survey to check how many of my friends regret on stepping into audit. When I ask myself this question, I am not sure how should I answer. I don't really like to be in audit but audit is a great place for me to learn a lot of things I wish to learn.

Well, the reason I choose my current firm is because of the boss. The boss is nice, smart and willing to teach us a lot of things. But now, I feel that my performance is disappointing him. I tried to perform better, but I failed to do so. It's quite disappointed.

Anyway, one more month for my probation. I don't know what other difficulties I will face. I hope it would be okay for me.


  1. Yeah I also wanted to say "time's fast" here !!
    Haiz.. I joined my workplace for few months and my current performance isn't satisfying me at all and my team members too. I felt so upset about it. I also still have a lot which I couldn't do it nicely. And, the worst, I face the same problem with you.

    I made mistakes. Some of the mistakes were due to my carelessness !!



  2. We always face the same things ya. Sometimes, I try hard to avoid being careless or miss out anything, unfortunately, carelessness always approaches me.

  3. Yes yes !!! So true !!!! No matter how many times I checked the task before I submit but still the careless mistakes found me and I'm in trouble as always. I feel want to bang wall after other peoples found my mistake and told me about it. ={

    Sigh ~ We are so same !! Keep facing the same things. Don't know good or bad.. =}

  4. Haha. Then we should share with each other things we face, and how we overcome all. Haha.

  5. Yeah ~ Haha ~
    It's good to have a person with same feeling and same thought to chat with haha ~ =}

  6. don't be sad when you made mistakes.
    Mistakes make you learn more.
    All the best to you!!
    Hope everything goes smoothly ^^

  7. But sometimes, I made mistake that I shouldn't.

  8. you won't know it is a "should" or "shouldn't" if you did not try it. Mistakes make you learn more. Cheers~!

    Always remember the mistakes that you have done and never ever repeat it. If you repeat the same mistake more than once, then that shall call "mistakes that you shouldn't make"

  9. Quite a number of mistakes I made are caused by my carelessness.

  10. Once u over the learning curve, audit is actually quite easy and it give u lots more salaries compared to ur peers working as accountant.