Saturday, 31 December 2011

Year 2011 Recap

Going to say bye bye to year 2011 and welcome the year of 2012!

So, do you all complete your 2011 resolutions? Any memorable things have you all did? It's quite nice to think back all the things I have done for this year.

Here are some things that I have done this year.

January 25: Driving myself for the first time
February 5: Going to my girlfriend house for the first time
March 9: My blog's Facebook page reached 100 likes
May 26: Supporting Earth Hour
May 15: Attending & being one of the speakers in BarCamp Penang 2011
May 20: First year anniversary being in relationship with my lovely girlfriend
June 21: Completed my internship
July 1 - 4: Pangkor Island trip
July 26: Bought Malaysia's third series coins
Sept 3 & 4: Visiting Logo's Hope
Oct 3: My convocation
Oct 17: Joining Honglim & Associates
Oct 26: First time taking photo with Penang's Chief Minister
Nov 27: Gathering with Madam Ooi, my first primary school teacher for her farewell
Nov 29: MAMEE's final day of trading, good bye the my best investment
Nov 30: All three investment target for this year was reached
Dec 26: Start my first running training to prepare for 2012 Penang Bridge Marathon

The best things for this year
The best movie I watched: You Are The Apple of My Eye
The best investment: Aeon Credit Service (M) Berhad
The best gift I received: My convocation gifts
The best event I attended: Penang BarCamp 2011
The best song I listened: 那些年
The best novel I read: You Are The Apple of My Eye

Things that I did the most for this year
Song I listen the most: 那些年
Website I visit the most: Facebook
Sentence I said the most: Time's fast
Drink that I drank the most (beside drinking water): Coffee
Mall I went the most: First Avenue