Sunday, 4 September 2011

Logo's Hope: Book Fair On Ship

There are a lot of book fair recently, right?

Well, have you been to book fair which held on ship?
There is one in Penang recently.
The ship, Logo's Hope shipped to Penang to have a book fair in Penang.
It will be staying in Penang until 25th September 2011.

Venue: Ship Deck, Swettenham Pier
Opening Hours: Tuesday – Saturday : 10.00am- 10.00p.m
Sunday: 1.00pm- 10.00pm
Entry fee: RM1.00
Closed on Mondays

After you enter, you will be given some information here.
A video will be played for you to know about Logo's Hope.

One interesting to know is that,
you won't see the pricing in RM or any currency on the book.
You will see the pricing like '100 units'.

What it means with '100 units'?

100 units = RM8.00

Means, if you saw a book that priced at 250 units, it means, that book costs RM20.00.

Some history of Logo's Hope.

Let's get in!

Remember to pay for the books you want ya!

This is the second section.
It's mostly academic books.

What's interesting is this....

In a simple words, it cost you for only RM40 for 3 books.

It's worth, isn't it?

Let's see the next section.
There is a series of pictures to tell a story on a persons who waste his time in doing the wrong thing.
He then regretted and back to home to say sorry.

Well, it's quite a meaningful story.

There are also a corner for you to have some break, to have some foods or drinks.

There is also a corner for kids.

There are also exhibition on Logo's Hope.

Well, it's a great and new experience.

Do you notice one thing?

You will see me in yellow shirt and white shirt.

I changed clothes?

Nope. I went twice.
I went yesterday, and I went again today.


  1. That is the story of the prodigal son.

  2. hi. i've take away yr few photo and information cause i didnt take more pic at there. thx. few free to view my blog? thx

  3. Oh. No problem, my pleasure.
    Visited and followed you blog. :)