Thursday, 8 September 2011

Job Interview Yesterday

I went for job interview yesterday.
Well, I guess not much people know about it.
And, not much people know which firm I went for the interview.

Okay, let me say over here.
I went interview at Honglim & Associates, an audit firm.
It locates at Wisma KGN, near Penang island's jetty.

I felt so nervous before the interview.
I really wished that I would succeed.

So, how was it?
Yea, passed.
The boss gave me few more days to make final consideration whether to join them or not.
I think I don't need to do too much of consideration already.
I have surveyed about it before.
I felt happy to join them.

The salary offered, within my expectation, and I satisfied about it.

How much is it?
Well, I think it's better to keep it confidential.
Salary is a sensitive issue, isn't it?

Okay, now, I think I will reply to them next Monday to confirm my willingness of joining.

Friends, good luck to me ya!


  1. good luck!!!
    this will be a good start for you! =D

  2. All the best to you,Luporti.

  3. yea.. hope to hear from u abut ur working environment and the details here...gud luck and enjoy!

  4. Wow !! Glad to read this from here !!
    Congrats !! =D