Monday, 14 November 2011

You Are the Apple of My Eye

This is a hot movie at this moment right? And a lot of people are giving great comment on this movie, right?

My colleague and my friends kept praising on this movie. They made me to have a strong desire to watch this movie.

Well, I managed to get a free movie ticket from 1st Avenue. Thanks to 1st Avenue!

Yea, I watched it with my friends yesterday. I was watching with a high expectation as so many people are saying this movie is extremely nice! And I actually worried something. Always, when we are expecting too much on a movie, it's hard to meat our expectation, perhaps we have put an expectation too high. I worried I would disappoint on this movie because I have put my expectation very high this time!

So, how is it?

Does this movie meets my high expection?

Surprisingly, it is more than satisfying me. It's awesome! It's extremely nice! I rate as 5-stars movie! It's the second love movie that I rated as 5-stars! Which is the first? Secret, the movie of Jay.

If you like to watch Secret, I can say, you will be loving this ones as well.

After the movie is over, I was feeling like I want to remains in the cinema. My heart was totally in the movie. It's really nice, sweet and touching.

Seriously, I might go to cinema to watch again. It's too nice! It's a movie that you not afford to miss! It's too nice.

And now, I understand why so many people are rushing to buy Giddens' books. My colleague also bought a book of this movie.

Well, how about me? Yea, I am planning to buy it as well.


  1. hmm... I will consider to watch it with who i care. txs ooh^^ i tot this movie finish ald...

  2. Good luck, faster watch it la. Haha. It starts screening not long ago nia.

    Mr Lonely, haha, I recommend you to watch it. Hehe.

  3. yaya.i totally agree with your feelings tht high expectation ,worrying the movie will bring you down.XDXD
    i felt tht during nasi lemak 2.0 too^^
    i wanna watch the apple jugak!!
    ppl kip on giving compliment on the movie..!!

  4. just watched yesterday. its really nice, but i can say, the novel is nicer. faster go to buy.

  5. really, i haven watch it. i will watch it coming weekend. tell me how nicer the book after j get it, i wish to buy too.

  6. wow... so many good comments about this movie..

  7. Yvonne Chia, yea, I can't stop giving compliment to my friends and colleagues.

    文, oh? is it? I am going to read it this Thursday!

    @ngeline, yea, let me know your comment after you watch it ya. I will let you know my comment after I read the novel.

    EeSoon, yalo, a lot of friends and bloggers are giving compliment on it.

  8. Woww ~ I saw a lot of good comments about this movie, made me wanna go watch it in cinema ~

    The Song for this movie also very nice ~
    Hmmm ~

  9. Yalo! It's a movie you can't afford to lose! It's extremely nice! Faster go watch!

  10. Woww ~
    Okay find one day must watch already !!

  11. Tell me your comment after watching it ya. Hehe.

  12. hehe.. finally watched.. looks like we both watch the movie for free~~ wakakaka~

    Regards, (A Growing Teenager Diary) ..

  13. Awesome movie. Remind me of my secondary school life.

  14. I WABNNA WATCH THAT MOVIE. Sounds good :D

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  16. Mr. Lonely, haha, yaya, shake hand!

    Valerie, yaya, me too, I think of a lot of things. Even now when I listening to the song, I will think of a lot of past memories.

    Emily C., ya! It's fantastic, you should watch it!

  17. it's a super nice movie, and you watched it on the same day as my birthdae :DD


  18. Hey man!

    What's the movie about? Apart from Hollywood films, some foreign films also reach our shores specially if it's really good.

    Well, if it does, I will sure to watch it since you gave it your rare 5*. Hehe

  19. Fish, hehe.

    Mr Lonely, hehe, yea yeah.

    Michael, it's about love, a story there a group of guy trying to get the same girl as their girl friend. Unlikely other movie, this ones is quite true and real. It's like what's really happening in our real life.

  20. Okay, now I can tell out my comment for the movie after watched it. Haha ~

    The movie is very nice, I enjoyed from the beginning of the movie till the end. I felt a bit sad because the main character didn't grab tight their true love. Sigh ~

  21. Yalo. They didn't grab their opportunity. :(

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