Saturday, 12 November 2011

FarmVille For Dummies

Sorry that I don't update my blog frequently anymore. I am now busy with my work. I have less time for me to do my things.

Today, I am here to post something attract my attention. It's a thing from the famous book series, Dummies.

FarmVille is a famous game in Facebook, right? A lot of people are playing in. I believe some of you are playing as well. Right? Right?

It even won "Best New Social/Online Game" award at the Game Developer's Conference for the in 2010.
Now, I realise that Dummies even publish a book for FarmVille. It surprises me.

Some of the things inside the book including:
- the rules and regulations
- how to stay up to date on the latest FarmVille features
- how to download the app
- create a farmer avatar
- establish your first farm
- finding neighbors
- purchasing farm cash and coins
- shopping at the market

Check out more here.


  1. Haha. Yalo. Lolx. That really surprised me.

  2. Gosh seriously? No kidding....what will they include in their series next I wonder?

  3. hahaha, funny.
    everything has a user guide now huh? haha.

  4. Wow! I used to play farmville... but haven't been touching it for months already. :p But seriously.. this is new to me.. hahaha

  5. Haha yeah I'm playing that too but not that often as earlier time =P

  6. Jothi, haha, yalo, I wonder too. Perhaps next time, Dummies publishes all the games in their book? Haha.

    EeSoon, haha, yalo.

    Phoebe, oh? Hehe, I see. Well, I never play it, hehe.

    Lolly, haha, why?

  7. Because that time I was too addict to facebook games, LOL ~ XD

    Now get rid of those games already, pheww ~

  8. How you get rid of those games? Haha, or perhaps because of someone has changed you? Hehe.

  9. Hahaha ~ Erm maybe I don't have much of time to play the games since I started my work. Or perhaps my part of time already gave to someone I care? Haha =^^=