Wednesday, 2 November 2011

My First Paycheck In My New Working Life

October was over. It's November now, a whole new month.

I started my new work in Honglim & Associates last month. So, October was over, I received my October paycheck today as I wasn't in office yesterday. It is my first paycheck in Honglim & Associates. I felt quite excited of it.

Now, I guess some of you may wanna ask something, right?

How much is my paycheck? Right? Right?

Well, not good to disclose. Haha.

However, I am feeling even more excited toward my November paycheck. Hehe.


As I worked only half month in October, my salary for October is only half. I could only use it for spending. November, I am going to work for the whole month, and I am going to get a full month salary. Yeah! I will have money to invest in stock market with my November paycheck. I am feeling excited of it!

LuPorTi, kambateh in your work! Go go go!


  1. The first pay cheque is always the sweetest.

  2. Wow, so fast entering stock market le ar.

  3. wow.. don't like that le.. share sikit la.. T.T

  4. Thomas, ya, the sweetest. Hehe.
    Valerie, hehe, I have been in stock market for about 4 years and 8 months. Hehe.
    Mr. Lonely, haha, then you share your earning to me too la. Haha.

  5. Woots! First paycheck! Exciting. :D

  6. which earnings o?? i can pm u in FB de.. XD

  7. Haha. I didn't mean the earning too, but your earning you earn, give 10% to me. Wakakaka.

  8. Wow, that's nice! I remember my first paycheck. It went to my mother, LOL! She said: who paid for your allowance? Give that to me. LMAO!

    Hey, thanks for the greetings. Take care.

  9. Haha. I am fortunate to keep my first pay check. Haha.

  10. yup, i felt excited and happy when i received my very first salary. my advice, use it wisely.