Wednesday, 23 November 2011

Rapid Preferred Travel Card

I have been considering to apply for Rapid Preferred travel card for quite a period of time. After calculation, I found that it's quite worth for me to apply now as I spent RM4.00 daily for transportation. For your information, with Rapid Preferred travel card, you don't need to pay anymore to travel around Penang on Rapid Penang buses. What you need to do is to pay RM75.00 per month, and you can travel without any limit.

Well, I actually applied 2 weeks ago, but the staff told me that I needed to apply after 20th of the month.

Today, I dropped by their kiosk to apply for that.

I thought I need to go there again after two or three days to pick up my card. Surprisingly, the card is ready for me. My photo was printed on the spot! That's so fantastic. And, it didn't really take too long time. It's just about 5 to 10 minutes to get everything settled. It's quite efficient.

I am feeling a little bit excited to use the card start from next month.

To know more about the travel card, click here.


  1. wow! convenient. good for ya!

  2. you save rm 45 each month, hehe. can buy a lot of things with this rm 45. sarawak also got rapid bus. they just expand their business to here. i guess they still using old version.

  3. Yea you are right, a lot of things we can do with that RM45. Hehe. Wow, they expand to Sarawak too? Cool! Are their services good over there?

  4. Woww !! Now I only know Rapid got such thing ~ So outdated I am ~

  5. Haha. Nevermind. Late better than never.

  6. Yeah you are right ~ Haha ~
    This sentence I always applied when I'm late to somewhere Opsss =P

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