Monday, 7 November 2011

2011 Penang Youth Volleyball Carnival

Last Saturday, I went to watch some volleyball matches. Haha, does it surprise you? Well, there is every more surprising ones, It's volleyball competition for primary school students. Haha.

Well, I was informed from a teacher from my primary school about this volleyball carnival. My friends and I went there to give support to my old school.

My friend and I reached there earlier and we sat down and look at the preparation of the carnival.

I checked the match schedule. My primary school Kong Min 2 is going to play at the third match.

I was looking forward and feeling excited on the game.

Supporters from my primary school

My primary school volley ball team

Let's the game begins!

My primary school manage to get the forth place. Although they couldn't win the first or second place, I believe they gained quite a lot of experience. The most important, everyone enjoy the games, winning is the second issue, right?

All the best to my primary school in sport next year, may all can achieve a better result next year!


  1. wah primary school! back then my primary school no volley ball pun =.=

  2. Hehe. But that competition wasn't held inside my primary school.