Saturday, 26 November 2011

Lunch With UUM Gang At Sticks Fire Bistro

I have graduated from UUM for few months. And, surprisingly, today, only I celebrated my graduation with my UUM friends. It's quite funny right?

We have our lunch at Sticks Fire Bistro, Queensbay Mall. It locates outside of Queensbay Mall, near to the bus stop.

Thanks to EVERYDAY, a group purchase web, we manage to enjoy a RM48.50 lunch meal with just RM12.90.

Soup of the day - mushroom soup (RM8.90)

Deep Fried Chicken Chop with BBQ Sauce (RM39.90)

Grilled Chicken Chop with Black Pepper Sauce (RM39.90)

Well, overall, it taste not bad. The servant service not bad too. Food, I would like to rate 3 out of 5 while 3.5 out of 5 for the service.

Hehe. Not forgetting to take our group photo.


  1. haha.. actually i feel that RM12+ for it was just the normal price for it although it might cost Rm48++ if no discount.. what i means is if they set the price like this, it will be no different with others ba...

  2. Yummy. The food looks so yummy. I bet I'm going to try it next time. Haha :D

  3. Mr. Lonely, you are right too. Hehe.

    Ginny, hehe, look yummy, but the price, seems like a bit expensive. By the way thanks for visiting my blog ya.

  4. Haha the chicken chop made me drooling at this time, I haven't lunch !!! LOL ~

    Woww by the way the ice water very got feel ah XD

  5. Haha. Just a very normal iced plain water, no taste ones.