Monday, 12 December 2011

Yam Rice Around Megamall, Penang.

I was assigned to conduct audit at somewhere around Prai recently.

Well, I heard that yam rice there is nice.

Last Thursday, my colleagues and I went somewhere around Megamall to try it. Sorry that I couldn't really tell where is the exact place as I am not familiar the places around there.

Well, the yam rice is quite nice I would say. I ordered 2 bowls of yam rice and 1 bowl of soup. 1 bowl of yam rice seems too little, so I ordered two.

However, it seems like a little bit expensive for me. It cost me RM7.50 for that meal. Anyway, it's a good try, quite delicious.


  1. Haven't tasted yam rice but I am not a great fan of yam though. Yeah agree with you that it is tard abit expensive though.

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  2. Henry, why don't like yam rice? You don't like yam?

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  4. Seldom see yam rice being sold,
    should be nice.

  5. Hmm quite expensive oh ~
    But I like Yam Rice + Soup =D

    Yum Yum !!

  6. Thomas, yalo, I guess it was being sold in certain places only.

    Lolly, hehe, next Friday, I am going to eat another yam rice, the coupon that I bought from Everyday.

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  8. I'll link you this weekend ya.