Monday, 26 December 2011

First Step Towards Penang Bridge Marathon

I have been saying for many times that I want to start jogging and wishing to join Penang Bridge Marathon. The first time I said I want to join Penang Bridge Marathon was in year 2006. I planned to join with my best friend Henry and Soony. But the end, if I didn't remember wrongly, it crashed with my school's sport day. The sport day was on Saturday and the marathon was on Sunday. I couldn't run for both and I gave up the marathon.

5 years passed, I still haven't joined it. Haha.

Now, I have really decided that I am going to do so. It's going to be listed in my resolution for next year!

Today, it was my debut on my jogging training. I jogged in Botanical Garden with my colleague today.

It was tiring. It was quite a long time since the last time I jogged. My stamina becomes very weak now.

I need to jog more! I need to train more! I am going to participate in Penang Bridge Marathon 2012! I am going to complete it within the time given!


LuPorTi, GO GO GO!

Haha. Thanks to today's jogging, it was my first time to use this small bag since I get it from the "My Experience with SONY Cyber Shot" which organised by Youth Jam 11.

After the jogging, my colleague and I went to Pulau Tikus's market to have our breakfast.

I heard the Koay Teow T'ng there is nice. So I ordered it. My colleague ordered Koay Chiap. Both are from the same stall. Anyway, I need to praise the hawker is quite friendly and having good manner.

Koay Chiap (RM5.00)

Koay Teow T'ng (RM4.00)


  1. You always like koay chiap.. haha!!

    Good, u starting to run!!

    Quote:When you survived yesterday, you are much stronger today! KY

  2. By the way, jogging give u much healty life style, get rid drom those supplement!

  3. Yea. Hehe. So, wanna jog together?

  4. All the best to you!
    Go LuPorTi!!! Support u~

  5. same case, i said i want to join 3 years ago. just a saying. i fail :(

  6. Have always wanted to run in a marathon in my adult life but never found the motivation lol. Used to run during schooling days though. Its fun!

  7. How about now? Thinking of trying next year?

  8. I don't like Marathon because I felt super tired after this. Haha ~

    By the way I like Koay Chiap and Koay Teow T'ng ~

    Kulu Kulu ~ *Stomach Hungry sound* Opss ~

  9. Haha. Erm, there is another Koay Teow T'ng which is very nice in Penang. I will try to post in my blog. Hehe.