Monday, 2 January 2012

First Post In Year 2012

Happy New Year once again!

This is the my first blog post in the year of 2012!

So, how's your celebration? Did you all go for count down? Anyway, I didn't go for any countdown event. I was just staying in house only.

Time's fast, wasn't it? New Year is over, and second day of 2012 is ending soon and welcoming third day of 2012. And, I am going to back to work again. Tuesday blue again.

This year, my resolution theme is "Developing Wealth and Health". Five resolutions have been set, in which four out of five are related to investment. The final ones is completing Penang Bridge Marathon. I have been saying that I want to join since years ago, I hope I would really join it this year. Anyway, I went for jogging again today with my colleague, I am moving towards my resolution, a good start, right?

Nothing special these two days. I spend most of my time in analysing and studying on investment. I really hope I can do well in investment this year. Wish me luck ya.

Nothing more to say for now. Again, Happy New Year. And, remember ya, it's already 2012, remember don't write 2011 when you are writing date ya! I am sure that a lot of people will forget. I think I will forget sometimes too.


  1. All the best in 2012~ i hvnt think of any resolutions yet...haha xD

  2. Faster think of it. Faster, faster. Hehe.

  3. Happy New Year!! I like the sound of your resolution theme (:

  4. All the best in your resolutions~~
    Happy 2012~

  5. Hilda, hehe. Thanks. Hehe. I spent about one month time to think about my resolutions.

    EeSoon, thanks!

  6. Hey, thks for dropping by Shirley's Luxury Haven!

    Love the music that greeted me! Following u now :) Hope to see more of your comments & do stay tuned for Giveaways coming to u soon!

  7. Haha Errr I still don't have any resolution yet tim ~ But dream still the same la ~ =P

  8. Happy New Year again to Lemon, Blackswan, Xue Ren and Valerie.

    Lolly, what's your dream then? Hehe.

  9. ^___^ cute!!!

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