Saturday, 21 January 2012

A Great Guy I Saw In Bus

Yesterday was the final working day. Yeah, I am going to have one week holiday.

Kinda long?

Initially I thought so too. But after drafted out my schedule, it looks like my schedule is totally full!

Anyway, when I was taking bus home yesterday, I saw something great!

When the bus came, as usual, people were 'fighting' to get on the bus. I don't like to 'fight' with them, I stood aside to wait others to get on first. Then, I saw a person was reading Wall Street Journal. Wow, it's quite rare to see people in Penang reading Wall Street Journal. Then, he gave me a good impression as he didn't 'fight' to get on the bus. He waited to be the final person to get on the bus.

Well, that's the the great thing yet.

The wonderful thing is.......

After he got on the bus, he picked up the rubbish on the bus. Wow! He is such a eco-friendly person. He impressed me a lot! The Earth will be feeling happy with existence of him, right?


  1. woww how good is it if added more this kind of peoples on this tanah =P

  2. Yalo. The world should have more this kind of people.