Monday, 9 January 2012


Sometimes, I really couldn't forgive myself on my carelessness. Sometimes, I made stupid mistaken even the thing is very simple.

I have been trying to be more careful while I am doing things, but I still failed to overcome my carelessness.

I did some careless mistakes again today in my work. It made my mood down. I have been making a numbers of mistakes due to my carelessness. Even worse, sometime, I am repeating the same mistakes. It's kinda unforgivable to me.

My carelessness has caused me lost a lot of opportunities as well.

Let's back to my primary school. There is a story that I couldn't forget in my life.

I love Maths so much. And I am doing well.

Those who were with me during SPM probably know.

Comparing these two:
1. Getting A for all the subject.
2. Getting 100% for Maths and doing badly in other subjects.

I would chose the second ones. That's why my SPM result is so terrible.

During Standard 1 and 2, I won Maths competition in my school.

When I was in Standard 3, I started my journey of my carelessness. Due to my carelessness, I fail to defend my title. Not only that, I couldn't even won a consolidation prize.

Carelessness, why you love me so much? Can you please leave me? Please.....


  1. i believe all people also have carelessness~

  2. because u r human one is perfect always.

  3. wow i guess ur a Maths genius! but yeah, carelessness may sometimes pull us down...

  4. It is OK to make mistakes! As long as it doesn't hurt others and not against the law lol. Without mistakes, how to learn? Cheer up! :)

  5. Mr Lonely and Jace, yea, everyone has his own carelessness as everyone is not perfect, but sometimes my carelessness is too careless and I am repeating. Kinda couldn't forgive myself.

    Magdalene, yalo, if I failed complete some task due to lack of capability, it's still okay as we can learn something new from that. But mistakes made from carelessness, really kinda unforgivable.

    Zazabong, but sometimes I am repeating the same mistakes for many times wo. :(

  6. Sigh, I always asked the same question to myself.
    Carelessness just love me so much too in my life ~ Arghh !! ={

  7. mistakes make you learn and grow.
    Don't blame yourself for ur carelessness,
    things happen for reason...
    You learn it now, don't repeat it then. ^^
    Cheer up, my friend.

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