Wednesday, 13 April 2011

Practicum 75 & 76

I was away last night, I went out with my primary schoolmates until late night.
Again, the gathering was great.

Perhaps, I should update my practicum post once every 2 days, or maybe once a week?

Those who have my Facebook maybe notice my profile picture.
I use my profile picture in Facebook as another tool of counting down.
I will change my profile from time to time to show the days remaining for my practicum.
Great idea?

Nothing special really happened yesterday.

But today,
my boss's mood was really bad.
He scolded people.
Worst, he scolded his wife.
The words came out from his mouth were really terrible.
How could he scold his wife like this.

I admire his wife, how could she stand his attitude for such a long time.
If I am his wife, I will leave him for sure!

I actually had things to ask my boss today.
But, since his mood was terrible today, I didn't dare enough to ask him.

He always spoil my mood.

I am just waiting the time to pass.
After 10 weeks, I will be completely a free guy.
I am looking forward to that day.


  1. outings with the ex school mates are always as great as ever!

    Have a nice day! =)

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    Happy 21st Birthday

  2. Haha. Yalo. You are right. I am going to play badminton with them again tonight.