Friday, 1 April 2011

April Fool From Google

Look at your leg! There is a cockroach!
Haha. April Fool.

Did you get fooled by your friend today?

When I was in bus today, I saw a school girl trying to fool her friend.
It made me thinking of my past.
I remembered my friends and I were trying to fool each other.
I thought for whole day on the best fool which people will be fooled.
Now, no more.
I have no April Fool feeling at all.

But I saw something about April Fool.
It's a April Fool from Google.

Check it out here: CLICK HERE


  1. news about the death of jackie chand...
    was an april mop.. I guesss :)

  2. Sorry late visit, how are you today my friend..?? Happy nice weekend..!!