Monday, 11 April 2011

Practicum 73 & 74

I didn't update my blog for practicum on last Friday.
Normally, I update on Sunday night, but I didn't update it last night.
This weekend passed quite fast.
And it's nice weekend. I will blog about it in my next post.

I didn't really remember what have I done last weekend.
If talking about today, I actually didn't really know what have I done as well.
I feel like I did nothing like that.
I feel like I am just a robot in my work.
I am just waiting the time passes minute by minute.

Oh ya! I remember one thing!
My colleagues and I went for lunch together, 10 of us.
We went the coffee shop last week and planned to have chicken rice.
Unfortunately, that stall was closed that day.
Luckily, it was open today, and we had our lunch there.

By the way, my UUM supervisor have aproved my topic for my final report.

50 days to go, 40.3% remaining.

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