Saturday, 24 January 2009

The Year of Bull after 34 hours

After 34 hours, it will be another chinese new year. It is going to be Bull year, will stock market be a bull market? We will know it next year.

I think I will be like a spanish bull this year.

Be a spanish bull? In term of?

There is a show about bull in spanish right? I don’t know what it call. In Chinese, it is called ‘斗牛’. As we know, the bull there is full of power. I want to be like it. I want to be aggressive, I want to achieve something in this year.

Within this past 1 week time, there are 2 girls surprised me. What make me surprised? Last Saturday, after my co-curiculum, a friend of mine ask me to teach her financial account. After I taught her, she suddenly asked,’I heard that you play share, right?’ After I answered her, she told me that she is interested and want to learn. I am quite surprised with that. Previously, I thought that she was just an ordinary student, because she is really work hard in acedemic. I don’t ever think she would ask about share.

Another one, a girl that I just knew for about more than one month only. She was introduced by another friend of mine. I was sms-ing with her few days ago, and suddenly said about share. She told me that she is interested. Well, I have met plenty of people who say they are interested, but, they might just simply say only, they might not interested actually. But, but this girl, she told me if I bought IOI Corporation last month, I would be earning a lot. so, I think she is truly has interest in that.

Well, not going to saying any further more for this moment.
Happy Chinese New year! And hope this year, the bull will wake up in the stock market.

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  1. hahaha..

    i met some people that interested in shares too...

    but then just say say only..

    no money ar... tak boleh beli apa apa pun...